Celebrating Baba Marta with children from Bosilegrad and Tsaribrod

Two of TRACE’s subsidiary companies brought lots of smiles to the faces of children from the Serbian towns of Bosilegrad and Tsaribrod.

“Trace PZP Nis” PLC and „Trace PZP Vranje“ LTD supported the initiative of the Consulate General of Bulgaria in Nis for celebrating Baba Marta Day (traditional Bulgarian holiday, marked on March 1st and related to welcoming the approaching spring) in areas with ethnic Bulgarians.

More than 1,000 children from both towns received martenitsas (small pieces of adornment, made of white and red yarn) prepared especially for them and greeting cards describing the custom. Celebrations, enacting the traditions, were organised in most of the schools and kindergartens in the region. Children learned that the festival is unique to Bulgaria and has millennia-long tradition. Martenitsas are made of twisted white and red woollen or cotton thread and are worn until March 25th – the Annunciation Day. They are removed on seeing the first (for the current calendar year) stork, swallow or blossomed tree which are considered as the official harbingers of spring. According to the legend, martenitsa’s red color embodies the power of the sun and brings vitality to every living creature, as it symbolises light, love, victory and valour. The white color is a symbol of purity, innocence, joy and beauty.

On March the 1st, everyone gives their relatives martenitsas, wishing them good health. Trees and animals are also endowed with martenitsas – as a blessing of fertility.